Allison Hollinger, Expert Meal Prepper for Busy Moms

Jen Gitomer, Sales Expert for Female Entrepreneurs

Chris Megia, Online Business Coach for Hair Stylists

Elizabeth Rees, Business Expert for Veterans Transitioning into Civilian Life

Sarah Lynn Wallace, Personal Branding Strategist for Small Biz Owners

Karla Docter, Limitless Success Life Coach

Lori Apgar, Pinterest Expert For Crafters

Dr. Morgana Allan, Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Jordache Johnson, Digital Business Architect

Tomesha Campbell, Healthy Meal Prep Made Easy

Carrie Mitchell, Dance Teacher For Adults Who Never Learned as Children

Kelly Christopher, NASA Ambassador

Lisa Cope, Professional Blogging

Stephanie Anderson, Children's Subscription Box for Busy Parents Who Work From Home and Want Screen-Free Play Options

Michelle Fernandez, Facebook Ads & Funnels Expert

Janice Williams, Local Business Expert

Michelle Pena, Fitness Studio Owner

Kesha Janaan, Singer, Song Writer, Musician


Beth Polito, Healing Practioner and Yoga Instructor

Clare Sente, Divine Feminine Energy Empowerment

Wendy Kennedy, Spiritual Channeler

Taran Conwell, Mom Blogger and Meal Planning 

Sharell Weeams, Sales Closing Expert For Service Providers

Shannon Robison, Healthy Wellness Lifestyle

Keldie Jamieson, Certified Online Business Manager & Trainer

Bec Mills, Digital Startup Strategist

Lisa Alfaro, Coach to Boutique Owners

Adam Kiddo, Mindset Coach  

Nicolette Pruett, Self Care Expert for Stressed Out Moms

Sherry Nativo, Professional Dog Trainer

 Theresa Loe, Digital Team Building Expert

Sonia Miller, Creator of Junk Monkey Paint Company

Rosalia Rivera, Business Coach To Latina Entrepreneurs


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